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Are you interested in carrying Abbott’s Candies at your location? We always looking for new and exciting partnerships to showcase our globally known products. Whether you are just starting out or have been established as long as we have, we are happy to discuss the possibility of a profitable and long-lasting relationship.

Simple Startup

Getting started as a wholesaler is as easy as filling out a contact form at the above.

Handmade Classics

There is history in our product. We’ve been making our candy by hand with the original recipe since 1890.

More Selection

Wholesalers have access to our entire selection and we’re happy to fill custom orders.

Abbott's Candies - Wholesale

When it comes to variety we have no shortage of chocolates. We produce all of our creams, nuts, and novelty items by hand in Hagerstown, IN. For our wholesale vendors, we offer holiday chocolates along with our current selection of over 49 different flavors of chocolate pieces in milk and dark. We also make it easy for our customers by providing our selection of truffles, gummies, and sugar-free chocolates. We have taken the time and money to find the best quality in the industry to provide our wholesale customers.

For many families, Abbott’s caramels have become a  tradition during the holiday season and a sweet indulgence to get through the weeks. When new wholesalers are added to OUR family we are confident their success, knowing there are already customers seeking out our product. We offer retailers, restaurants, and other goods industries special pricing to resell our candy. Our caramels are sold in loose pieces, boxes, bags, and slabs. We are also very excited to now offer a literal white label solution for other chocolatiers and stores.

Abbott's Candies - Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Each wholesaler is different. We like to tailor our pricing based on our current standard retail price, the price to produce, market average, our saturation within your area, other competitors in your area, and what items you would purchase from us. We try our best to stay competitive with our wholesale prices. Please fill out our application and we will set up a time to discuss your individual case.

Do you ship the product to me?

Yes, we ship all our wholesale orders through UPS. There are additional charges for shipping outside of the continental United States. During the summer season, we charge an additional amount per box for making sure the product is packaged in a way to arrive in a satisfactory state. We also offer the options pick up at our two brick and mortar store locations or delivery, pending approval.

Do you provide signage or other marketing materials?

Yes, upon request we will provide a window sign so customers know Abbott’s Candies are now available at your location. We will also add your location to our “Where to Buy” page on this website. We are developing more marketing pieces for our wholesalers to use, so if you have any desires or suggestions please send them our way.

How soon will I get my order after I place it?

It will usually take us 3 to 5 business days to fill the order. October, November, and December are our busiest months, during these months it may take us up to a week to fill an order. Fulfillment of your order depends on our current stock and the amount you are requesting.

Is there a minimum I need to order?

There is a $150 minimum order. Typically even our smaller wholesalers have no issue hitting this minimum. Our product can be stored for long periods of time. If you feel the minimum order will be an issue please feel free to contact us after apply to see how we can help your individual circumstances.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes. You will see a shipping charge on your invoice for the shipping. During the summer season, we charge an additional amount per box for making sure the product is packaged in a way to arrive in a satisfactory state.

Will you deliver my order?

We can not guarantee delivery to all wholesale customers. We recently added a route on a bi-weekly basis to deliver to some of our wholesale customers. To find out if your location is within our current route please contact us after you have filled out an application.

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