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Abbott’s Candies Fundraiser

For several generations, Abbott’s Candies has offered many organizations fundraising possibilities, including chocolate bars and our famous hand-made caramels. These are available to be shipped or for pick up at our Hagerstown or Indianapolis locations.

Delicious Chocolate Bars

We have 5 standard chocolate bar flavors you can sell.

Easy to Start

Our simple process makes it easy to get started today!

Supporting Your Cause

Raise enough funds to make a positive change in your community.
We start our fundraising process by sending you a packet with application, order form, and information for conducting a successful fundraiser. Our goal is providing you the tools to succeed so your organization can receive the funds it needs to accomplish its goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a case of candy bars?
A standard case of 180 chocolate bars is $117.00. However, depending on your organization’s tax exemption payment may not be due at time of pickup.
How many chocolate bars are in a case?
There are 180 chocolate bars in each case, and you are not limited to the number of cases you can order. If you plan to order a large number of cases, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your order.
Can I get an assortment of flavors?
We do not offer assorted flavors. You can pick up multiple cases of 180 chocolate bars to create your own assortments.
Do you provide boxes or bags to distribute the bars?
We do not offer any packaging outside of the bar itself. A case of bars comes in 6 plastic bags for easy transportation.
Do we pay for the bars when we pick them up?
No, if you are a tax exempted group. Yes, if your organization is not tax exempted. We do offer a 30-day invoice but require a valid credit card as a deposit at the time of pickup.
How much time do you need to fill my order?
If we are able to accommodate the order size with our current stock it will take no more than 2 days to put together an order. If we are currently low on stock for the flavor

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