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Abbott’s Candies is an Indiana based candy shop crafting handmade caramels and chocolates using the same classical recipes since 1890. We focus on quality, customization, and specializing in an artisan taste. Abbott’s Candies has always been a family owned and operated business and we treat each customer as if they were part of the family.

Fundraising & Tours

Raise money for your school or non-profit organization.
Come see our caramels and chocolates being made.

What People Are Saying

“It’s a great mom and pop establishment that’s been around since 1890 – handed down through generations. The candy is absolutely delicious, homemade in the shop.”
Anita K - TripAdvisor

“I am not usually a chocolate fan, but each one of these was better than the last. The creamy centers in each truffle had a different flavor and the hard shell was fantastic.”
Jen T - Yelp

“My grandma used to live in this small town and she started the tradition by giving everyone a box of turtles from Abbotts for Christmas every year. She has since passed away but we try to continue this wonderful and yummy tradition.”
Justin Garrett - Google+

“I just have never had anything from here I didn’t enjoy.  I’m not even so much a candy lover since I prefer pastries as my sweet-tooth-fixer, but Abbott’s, I am addicted.”
LA to PDX - Yelp

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